Dynamic Stretching: Sun Salutation B

The Sun Salutation is a good sequence to do at the start of practice, to get athletes focused and warmed up (see stretching: moon salutation for a warm down sequence). It’s supposed to be dynamic but will take time until they learn the routine. Version B includes the warrior pose, which people enjoy and is good for balance.

Technique Checklist

  • Movement into a pose should always be done with either an inhale or exhale of the breath (preferably into the correct breath indicated by the pose)
  • Movement into a pose should be fluid, with no bounce once in position; the pose should be deep but never cause pain
  • The pose ends at the end of the breath (inhale or exhale), and movement into the next pose begins at the start of a new breath (inhale or exhale)



The following image prints well so that you can take this to practice while you learn it yourself.

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